We sing of fruitful harvests

We sing of fruitful harvests
and praise you for our food;
for homes and all the pleasures
we count as for our good.
But are we truly thankful,
do we respect your will,
and know, if we had nothing,
our hearts would praise you still?

2 You bless us, heavenly Father,
with more than daily bread;
but there are those among us
who die for crumbs instead.
We who are rich exalt you
from comfort and from gain—
then show us how to reach those
whose lives know only pain.

3 If much we have been given
then much we have to give;
our very lives are called on
that others too may live.
In us your seed is planted—
to fruit, we first must die,
and then bring forth a harvest
which you will sanctify.

4 So take our gifts, and use them,
O may we give the best
in service to each other,
and through love stand the test.
We join with all your creatures
our praise and thanks to bring
to you, great Lord of harvest,
this world’s Creator-King.

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