Church of Jesus, church expressing

Church of Jesus, church expressing
all he longs for us to be;
this our aim: to live confessing
Christ, who died to set us free.
When we suffer trials and losses
may we, with a patient heart,
look beyond our present crosses,
since in heaven we have a part.

2. Church of Jesus, church that’s growing
as his word and Spirit move:
like a fountain overflowing
with forgiveness, joy and love.
Though by nature lazy, greedy,
may our thinking be transformed,
our priority the needy—
souls refreshed and bodies warmed.

3. Church of Jesus, now contending
till the work of grace is done;
with the Father’s power defending,
we can stand beside the Son;
we can meet together, sharing
time to learn and praise and pray,
then go out, his love declaring
through our lives from day to day.

4. Church of Jesus, soon victorious—
for our faith shall overcome,
and our King—resplendent, glorious—
will return to take us home.
We’ll unite from every nation
through the cleansing of his blood,
in triumphant celebration
of our Lord, the Lamb of God!
Based on Matthew 16:18

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