O God of grace and mercy

O God of grace and mercy,
your time has fully come
when, joined by love and promise
our friends are now made one;
we pray that you will bless them
with joyful hope and peace
and guide their life together
in love that will not cease.
As they have vowed before you
to cherish, honour, care—
so grant them grace to follow
in life they fully share.

2. This new path stands before them,
with twists and turns unknown;
so Lord, may you protect them,
and lead them to your throne;
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness or in health,
grant them a true contentment
with little, or with wealth.
May all life’s many changes
draw them to deeper love,
and forge within their marriage
a strength given from above.

3. For in their willing union
a deeper meaning lies—
Christ’s love for all his people,
the church’s love for Christ;
he laid his life down for her,
to her gives boundless love,
with her he shares his future—
eternal life above.
For the couple here united
we ask this double grace—
for now, the mutual sacrifice,
and then, to see your face.

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