Thank you, Lord, for gifts of teaching

Thank you, Lord, for gifts of teaching,
so that we might understand
all your word, and its far-reaching
truth for life; head, heart and hand:
in our studies may we find
truth renewing every mind.

2. Thank you, Lord, for one another,
for the joy and faith we share,
love of every sister, brother,
shown in every kind of care:
grant that in your church below
fellowship and friendship grow.

3. Thank you, Lord, for your provision,
knowing how we soon forget,
bread and wine, for taste and vision;
human needs so richly met:
at your table, through your word,
may your voice, our Lord, be heard.

4. Thank you, Lord, that in our praying
we approach the highest throne;
praise and intercessions laying
at the place where grace is shown:
may we pray with single voice,
and in answered prayer rejoice.

5. Thank you, Lord, that you have given
churches where we find a place:
may they be a taste of heaven,
till we reach there, by your grace:
help us daily to prepare,
as your bride to praise you there.

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