Approach my soul, the mercy-seat

Approach my soul, the mercy-seat,
where Jesus answers prayer,
and humbly fall before his feet
for none can perish there.

2. Your promise is my only plea;
to you alone I cry,
for burdened souls in you are free
and such, O Lord, am I.

3. Bowed down beneath the weight of sin,
by Satan sorely pressed,
from outward foes and fears within,
I come to you for rest.

4. Lord, be my shield and hiding-place,
that, sheltered near your side,
I may my fierce accuser face
and tell him you have died.

5. Amazing love, to bleed and die,
to bear the cross and shame,
that guilty sinners such as I
might plead your gracious name!

6. Poor tempest-driven soul, be still;
the promised grace receive;
when Jesus speaks, I must, I will,
I can, I do believe!

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