From small beginnings in the past

From small beginnings in the past,
for those who planted, built to last,
and followed Christ, the Way;
for those with hope who pioneered,
who kept the faith and persevered,
we praise our God today.

2. They grew by serving, being served,
in loving and in being loved,
forgiving and forgiven;
in Scripture’s truth they learned and taught,
in songs of wisdom which they brought
we catch the sounds of heaven.

3. For what we now are called to face,
Lord, may we live and grow in grace,
your Spirit as our Guide;
to handle present joys and tears,
redeeming troubled weeks and years,
our Saviour at our side.

4. To learn your lifestyle, trace your hand
through paths we cannot understand,
but know your word is true;
along the road where you have gone,
in taking risks, in keeping on,
still we must follow you.

5. And so we praise and pray and trust,
while this world’s glories turn to dust,
and human strength is frail;
all hindrances we leave behind,
and every step we take, we find
your love will never fail.

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