Glory to God, the source of all our mission

Glory to God, the source of all our mission;
Jesus be praised, the Saviour, Lord and Son!
Praise to the Spirit who confirms the vision;
in all the world the will of God be done!

2. Proud in our wealth, or destitute and broken,
we cannot live by earthly bread alone;
but by the word that God himself has spoken
we are set free to make our Master known.

3. Eastward or westward, northward, southward moving,
finding new fields, new patterns and new roles,
Christ’s fellow-workers, all his goodness proving,
see how our God is making people whole!

4. Linked by the cross at which we are forgiven,
joined by the love that came to find and save,
one in the hope of God’s new earth and heaven,
we love and give since he first loved and gave.

5. Send us, Lord Christ, to serve at your direction,
dying and living, yours in loss and gain,
true to the gospel of your resurrection,
working and praying till you come to reign.

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