Should I rehearse with human voice

Should I rehearse with human voice
the words which angels make their choice,
devoid of love, my song resounds
magnificent but empty.
And should I preach with earnest tone
and know whatever can be known
and move the hills by faith alone
if I lack love, I’m nothing.

2. In love is patience always found,
for love kind hearts make common ground,
from love, conceit and pride take flight
and jealousy is banished.
Love keeps no score of what’s gone wrong
nor sings a pessimistic song
nor lets regret or guilt prolong,
for love expects tomorrow.

3. Let strange and startling language cease,
let tongues their ecstasy release,
let knowledge come and go in peace-
these things are not eternal.
For all the thought and skill we show
are but a stage through which we grow
till, face to face with God, we’ll know
that love which lasts forever.

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