We come before our Fathers’ God

We come before our fathers’ God:
the Rock of our salvation;
the eternal arms, their loved abode,
we make our habitation;
we bring you, Lord, the praise they brought;
we seek you as your saints have sought
in every generation.

2. The fire divine, their steps that led,
burns on and still directs us;
the heavenly shield, around them spread,
still shadows and protects us;
the grace those sinners that subdued,
the strength those weaklings that renewed,
defeats and resurrects us.

3. Entangling sins that brought them low
are still our souls oppressing;
our tears, like theirs of old, now flow,
our shame, like theirs, confessing;
as with you, Lord, prevailed their cry,
our prayer ascends to you on high
and brings us down your blessing.

4. Their joy to that same Lord we bring,
their song to us descending,
the Spirit who in them did sing
to us his music lending:
his song in them, in us, is one;
we raise it high, we send it on-
the song that has no ending.

5. You saints to come, take up the strain,
the same sweet theme endeavour;
unbroken be the golden chain,
keep on the song for ever!
Safe in that ageless dwelling-place,
rich with the same eternal grace,
bless the same boundless giver!

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