Lord, teach us how to pray aright

Lord, teach us how to pray aright,
with reverence and with fear;
though dust and ashes in your sight,
we may, we must draw near.

2. We perish if we cease from prayer;
O grant us power to pray!
And when to meet you we prepare,
Lord, meet us on our way.

3. Burdened with guilt, convinced of sin,
weak when we face the foe,
fightings without and fears within,
to whom, Lord, shall we go?

4. O God of love, before your face
we come with contrite heart
to ask from you these gifts of grace:
truth in the inward part,

5. Give deep humility; the sense
of godly sorrow give;
a strong desiring confidence
to hear your voice and live;

6. Faith in the only sacrifice
that can for sin atone;
to set our hopes, to fix our eyes
on Christ, and Christ alone;

7. Patience to watch and weep and wait,
whatever you may send;
courage that will not hesitate
to trust you to the end.

8. Give these, and then your will be done;
thus, strengthened with all might,
we through your Spirit and your Son
shall pray, and pray aright.

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