Christ, from whom all blessings flow

Christ, from whom all blessings flow
to perfect your church below,
Christ, whose nature now we share,
work in us, your body here.
Join our faithful spirits, join
each to each, with yours made one;
lead us through the paths of peace
on to greater holiness.

2. Move and activate and guide;
varied gifts to each divide;
gladly may we all agree,
bound by loving sympathy,
never from our calling move,
needful to each other prove,
kindly for each other care,
all our joys and sorrows share.

3. Placed according to your will,
let us all our work fulfil,
great and small, oppressed or free,
all in Christ shall equal be.
Love, like death, has all destroyed,
rendered all divisions void;
factions, names and parties fall,
you, O Christ, are all in all.

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