When Jesus died upon the cross

When Jesus died upon the cross,
when he was buried in the grave,
he bore the judgement I deserved,
that he, by death, my life might save.

2. When Christ was raised from that same tomb
he rose as firstborn from the dead:
he broke the powers of sin and hell
and lives for me, my risen head.

3. And here I also die and rise,
baptized into his holy name;
with him I’m judged, with him I die-
on me the law has no more claim.

4. With Christ I’m raised up from the dead
to live for ever with my Lord;
alive to God, with this desire,
to be obedient to his word.

5. Now I am yours, O sovereign Lord:
now come, and by your Spirit’s power
help me, with all your people here,
to serve and please you from this hour.

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