O God, your mercy, moved by love

O God, your mercy, moved by love,
has raised us to a heavenly place
to share a fellowship above,
to sit with Christ, through saving grace.

2. Here, too, on earth your feast is spread
and guests may come who know their need,
to feed on Christ, the living bread,
and find his flesh is food indeed.

3. Inviting grace has made us free
to drink the wine and eat the bread;
to hold him in our memory,
the Lamb who lives, who once was dead.

4. The promises of God are sealed
in broken bread and outpoured wine,
and all the grace in Christ revealed
with wonderment I learn is mine.

5. We share one cup, one loaf we break;
we preach his death until he come;
our risen Lord by faith we take
and Jesus makes our hearts his home.

6. One loaf, one cup, one body shared,
one faith, one mutual accord,
one precious blood, one death declared,
one Jesus loved, one coming Lord.

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