Tell all the world of Jesus

Tell all the world of Jesus,
our Saviour, Lord and King;
and let the whole creation
of his salvation sing:
proclaim his glorious greatness
in nature and in grace;
Creator and Redeemer,
the Lord of time and space.

2. Tell all the world of Jesus,
that everyone may find
the joy of his forgiveness-
true peace of heart and mind:
proclaim his perfect goodness,
his deep, unfailing care;
his love so rich in mercy,
a love beyond compare.

3. Tell all the world of Jesus,
that everyone may know
of his almighty triumph
defeating every foe:
proclaim his coming glory,
when sin is overthrown
and he shall reign in splendour-
the King upon his throne!

Copyright: © Mrs M Seddon / Jubilate Hymns This text has been altered by Praise! An unaltered JUBILATE text can be found at www.jubilate.co.uk

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