How weak my spirit is, O Lord

How weak my spirit is, O Lord,
when I desire to pray:
how shall I come before your throne?
What shall I find to say?

2. You know, dear Lord, how much I long
for closer ties with you;
to feel your power, to hear your voice
in all I seek to do.

3. But when I look at how I live,
how great my sin appears.
I have no words to pray aright-
I offer only tears.

4. Too often pain and suffering cause
my joys to fly away.
I look above and long that God
would take me home to stay.

5. But now I know your Spirit comes
and leads me to the throne;
he moves my heart and forms my cry,
and makes my spirit groan.

6. O holy Friend, come to us now
and set our hearts aflame,
that we may long with tears of love
to glorify God’s name.

Copyright: © Author/Praise Trust

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