Grigg (aka Crigg), Joseph


The J Grigg who ‘d.1768’ as given in Praise! was probably Joseph Grigg, b ?1720 or 1728 [Julian favoured an earlier date], d Walthamstow, Essex 1768; but see also J Grigg in Composer index. Born into relative poverty and what were known as ‘humble beginnings’, Joseph worked in ‘mechanical pursuits’ (labouring) but was writing by the age of 10, hymns being among his early compositions. Deeply moved by a sermon on Mark 8:38, he prepared for ordination and in 1743, possibly still in his teens, he was appointed as Asst Minister (to Thos Bures) at Silver Street Presbyterian Ch, London. Around 1747, when Bures had died, JG married a widow and moved to St Albans where he.continued a preaching and writing ministry. He published sermons and other devotional works. From his many books, the hymns and other verses were collected in 1861 by Daniel Sedgwick, who published them with a memoir and entitled them Hymns on Divine Subjects. No.637*.

Hymns and songs by Grigg (aka Crigg), Joseph

Number Hymn Name
637 Jesus, how could I ever be