The gifts we bring express our love

The gifts we bring express our love
to you who left the heavens above
and showed through poverty and pain
a God who gives and gives again.

Freely, freely, freely we have received;
gladly, gladly, gladly we love to give.
Our gifts we bring to you, our praise we sing to you,
giving and giving and giving again.

2. Though earthly wealth you never knew,
our greatest riches come from you.
Our needs are all by you supplied
and no good thing are we denied.

3. From love of money, save us, Lord;
make us obedient to your word;
seek first your righteousness and will,
and all our stewardship fulfil.

4. Lord, you’ve entrusted to us all
the wealth we have; some great, some small.
As you have prospered us, we give;
and yet in giving we receive.

5. The truth is clear within your word:
you love a cheerful giver, Lord.
So make us joyful as we bring
our gifts, our lives- an offering.

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