Lord, for our world which strays

Lord, for our world, which strays far from your kingdom
of love and mercy, justice, truth and grace;
where conflicts rage across so many borders,
where hate is stirred by riches, power and race:
O hear this prayer we echo as you lead us,
O take these words and make them flesh indeed:
‘Your kingdom come on earth, as now in heaven’;
you reign above all powers and answer every need.

2. Lord, for my heart, which finds it hard to follow
and keep in tune with heaven’s pulsing song,
a heart in pain because of deep-held yearnings,
but one which now to deeper love belongs:
O hear this prayer I echo as you lead me,
and take these words I speak and make them true:
‘Your will be done, in me, as now in heaven’;
the focus of all worship and all life is you.

3. Lord, for your church within this world of suffering,
which stands for those who have no words to pray,
which speaks your truth, despite the cost of following
and points to you, the Life, the Truth, the Way:
O hear this prayer we echo as you lead us;
O take these words and lift our hearts in praise:
‘Yours is the kingdom, yours the power and glory’—
now and forever may this be the prayer we raise.

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