Forsaken, did you cry aloud?

Forsaken, did you cry aloud
Dear Saviour, can it be
that my sin drove you, God, from God,
on Calvary?

2. Rejected, did you suffer scorn,
despised because of me,
reviled and treated like a worm
on Calvary?

3. Did you such anguish undergo
upon that cruel tree,
such pain as we shall never know,
on Calvary?

4. O Christ, as you endure the cross,
shall we your suffering see,
yet not be moved you bled for us
on Calvary?

5. Did you your Father’s name declare?
Are we his family
since you became our brother there
on Calvary?

6. Your love divine we cannot tell,
or guess your agony –
Jesus, you rescued us from hell
on Calvary!

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