He said, the Spirit of the Lord

He said, the spirit of the Lord
is with me, to proclaim
hope for the poor, the prophet’s word
of freedom in God’s name.

2.  He said, blind eyes receive their sight,
and silent tongues can talk;
instead of death come life and light
where helpless feet now walk.

3.  He said to winds and waves ‘Be still!’
and told the storm to cease;
so for our fears and storms, he will
bring healing, calm and peace.

4.  He said the meek ones can be strong
while pleading on their knees,
to pray for those who do us wrong
and love our enemies.

5.  He said, ‘My peace I leave with you’;
displayed his hands and side:
the marks of him whose word is true,
the living one who died.

6.  Christ Jesus, risen from the dead,
gives us his Spirit’s power,
to show what he has done and said
until God’s final hour.

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