Approach with awe this holiest place

Approach with awe this holiest place,
the last of death’s domain;
the shuttered heavens hide their face,
the powers of darkness reign;
for there beneath those sombre skies
the Prince of life, forsaken, dies.

2. The Prince of life! For us he came
from that high throne above,
his cross the measure of our shame,
his death the price of love;
and at his cross, my soul, begin
to feel the weight of love and sin.

3. Can this poor broken form be he
who taught the words of truth,
who strode the hills of Galilee
in all the flower of youth?
Can this be he, this lifeless head,
with grace and strength and beauty fled?

4. By wood and nails the work is done
that answers all our need,
the prize of full salvation won,
the ransomed sinner freed.
Draw near with faith, my soul, and see
the Prince of life who died for me.

5. The Prince of life! While time shall last
his cross and grave remain
sure signs of sin and sorrow past,
bright morning come again:
an empty cross, an empty grave,
a risen Christ to seek and save!

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