What kind of king?

or robed in nakedness and shame?
So cruelly beaten, mocked and scorned,
he bears the weight of all our blame.
What kind of king would stand condemned,
though innocent of every crime,
in silence, offer no defence
and take the place that should be mine?

2. What kind of king would choose to die,
yet three days later rise again,
to win for us eternal life
and heal and free us in his name?
And now this King is glorified,
though still adorned with wounds of grace,
and, reigning at the Father’s side,
receives the angels’ endless praise.

This is Jesus, our redeemer:
paid the ransom for our sin.
This is Jesus, risen Saviour,
everlasting King of kings.

3. We know our King will soon return
to right the wrongs of history
and satisfy all those who yearn
for love to have the victory.
And then our King will wipe away
the tears of pain from every face;
oh, how we’re longing for the day
when we’re received in his embrace.

This is Jesus, our redeemer…

King forever, robed in splendour,
victory is yours.
Now and always we will worship
Christ, our risen Lord.

4. No other king deserves my all
for he alone was sacrificed;
Lord Jesus, I will heed your call
and give my heart, my soul, my life.

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