Out from the gates of Celestial city

Out from the gates of celestial city the son passes through,
riding his way into planet Earth’s history, noble and true;
lays his glory by, takes the face of a man with a Father on high,
comes to sacrifice himself for the world.

     Riding out, riding in, riding back, death and sin
        lie defeated and still;
     now he sits in command at the Father’s right hand,
        Son of God and ruler of all.

2   In through the gates of Jerusalem city a man passes by,
lowly and meek on the donkey of prophecy, riding to die.
The Messiah comes, to the sound of hosannas and waving of palms
to be crucified for the sins of the world.

3   Back through the gates of Celestial city the Victor returns,
bringing the daughters and sons of redemption, no longer in chains.
Heaven’s portals ring, for the mission accomplished deliverance has come;
hear the ransomed sing:–‘God so loved the world’.

4   In through the heart-door of all who will follow, the Saviour comes in;
breaking the shackles of selfish ambition, the fetters of sin.
Bright and Morning Star, Living One, Lord of all, willing servants we are;
precious Jesus, Lord, the Light of the world.


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