O what riches

O what riches and what virtue,
far beyond the thought of man
are invested in our Saviour
in the wonder of God’s plan.
See in Jesus, boundless treasure,
more than we can ever measure.

2. From the heights of glory moving,
to this world of sin and night,
came this gift of grace and mercy:
Christ the Word and Christ the Light.
See in Jesus, hope and gladness,
banishing our grief and sadness.

3. On the cross he bore our judgement,
pouring out his precious blood,
making a complete atonement,
reconciling us to God.
See in Jesus, bruised and broken,
God’s great word of pardon spoken.

4. Into death he took his people,
raising them when he arose,
freeing them from death’s dominion,
overcoming all their foes.
See in Jesus, God’s new Man,
first fruits of his glorious plan.

5. Many search for earthly riches,
thinking they will satisfy,
while the pearl of greatest beauty
in the gospel record lies.
See in Jesus, God’s abundance,
blessing of eternal substance.

6. From the fulness of his riches
we may draw all needed grace,
King and Priest, he reigns for ever,
mercy shining from his face.
See in Jesus, throned in glory,
live to tell salvation’s story.

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