Why, God, have you forsaken me

Why, God, have you forsaken me –
more distant now, the more I cry?
Must I, alone, unanswered, go
like one unloved, alone to die?

2. Our fathers, when they prayed to you
in every need, in every prayer,
were heard by you and saved by you,
and never doubted that you care!

3. But now my people turn on me,
with hate, not pity, in their eyes;
and all who see me, see in me
no man, a worm that they despise!

4. ‘Let God deliver him,’ they say,
‘His God would save him, was his claim!’
They only wait to see me die;
they share my clothing in a game!

5. My hands and feet they bind to wound;
my bones they number, and each breath,
until with burning thirst I taste
the bitter agony of death!

6. My God, I trust you, trust you still-
be near, be near to hear my prayer!
I know that all who hope in you
are safe in death from death’s despair.

7. Then I and all who live for you,
this day and till the end of days,
will tell of ever-answered prayer,
and pray this world’s most thankful praise!

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