All was dark before creation

All was dark before creation
came to being by God’s word.
Nothing moved, and in the silence
not a hint of life was heard.
Suddenly time starts its journey,
see the Day comes into sight.
‘Let it be!’ the Lord has spoken,
‘Hear my word, let there be light!’

2. Once again the darkness threatens,
we reject love’s greatest plan.
Still the heart of God is seeking
to redeem the soul of man.
When the time was right in heaven
here on earth a young girl cried,
‘Let it be as you have spoken,
I will bear your holy child!’

3. So, the Word of God, incarnate,
dwells within creation’s span.
All God’s power and all his glory
humbled in the frame of man.
Bowed by all our sin and sorrow,
see the cup pass to the Son;
‘Let it be, as we have promised,
Father, may your will be done!’

4. At the cross God’s voice is silent,
‘It is finished!’—says it all.
In the tomb as darkness shrouds him
Jesus waits the Spirit’s call.
Satan scoffs, but then, in power,
hope revives through blood and breath.
‘Let it be: now and forever,
Life has triumphed over death!’

5. See above the whole creation
Jesus reigns as Lord and King.
Hear, throughout all earth and heaven,
saints combine his praise to sing.
Soon, we know the time is coming
when all tongues confess his Name.
‘Let it be: in your great glory,
come, Lord Jesus, come again!’

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