The Future

Number Hymn Name Author
959For ever with the LordJames Montgomery 1771-1854
960In resurrection bodiesMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
961In sure and certain hopeMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
962Great God, what do I see and hearPsalms & Hymns for Public…
963When you, my righteous judge, shall comeLady Huntingdon’s Hymn…
964And will the judge descendPhilip Doddridge 1702-51
965Children of the heavenly KingJohn Cennick 1718-55
966Away with our sorrow and fearCharles Wesley 1707-88
967Hear the church triumphant singingJohn Kent 1766-1843
968Christ has prepared for us a placeChristopher Idle
969Give me the wings of faith to riseIsaac Watts 1674-1748
970Jerusalem on highSamuel Crossman 1624-83
971Jerusalem the goldenBernard of Cluny c.1140 Trans.…
972The Lion of Judah is Jesus, the LambBased on Arthur T Pierson…
973When this passing world is doneRobert M M’Cheyne…
974How bright these glorious spirits shineIsaac Watts 1674-1748 and…
975There is a land of pure delightIsaac Watts 1674-1748
976Then I saw a new heaven and earthChristopher Idle
1037The Spirit brings to us the scent of heavenStanley Ablewhite
1038Where you sit in kingly gloryEmma Turl
1039We trust the strength of God aloneColin Harris
1051Lightning flash and rumbling thunderJulie Rowbory
1055O what gloryHugh J Thomson
1062Come with thanksgiving – harvest is hereEmma Turl
1066I long for heavenHugh J Thomson
1071All was dark before creationGraham Oakes
1085Come and listen to the songJames Young
1088See the Father’s love made knownEmma Turl
1095To you, my God, all praise is dueStephen Crowter
1098Earth’s celebration of God’s waysChristopher Idle
1155There is a higher throneKeith and Kristyn Getty
1220One day we’ll hear the trumpet soundJulia C Grier
1275What gift of grace is Jesus, my RedeemerMichael Farren, Jonny…
1294No greater loveAndy Clark
1305My hymn of praiseMatt Papa, Stuart Townend