Jerusalem the golden

Jerusalem the golden
with milk and honey blessed,
O city of God’s presence,
his people’s promised rest!
I know not, O I know not,
what joys await us there,
what radiancy of glory,
what peace beyond compare!

2. They stand, those halls of Zion,
all jubilant with song;
and bright with many an angel,
and all the martyr throng:
the Prince is ever in them,
the daylight is serene;
the tree of life and healing
has leaves of richest green.

3. There is the throne of David;
and there from pain released,
the shout of those who triumph,
the song of those who feast:
and all who with their leader
have conquered in the fight,
are garlanded with glory
and robed in purest white.

4. How lovely is that city!
the home of God’s elect;
how beautiful the country
that eager hearts expect!
Jesus, in mercy bring us
to that eternal shore
where Father, Son and Spirit
are worshipped evermore.

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