Hear the church triumphant singing

Hear the church triumphant singing,
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
Highest heaven with praises ringing,
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
Thrones and powers before him bending,
odours sweet with voice ascending
swell the chorus never-ending:
‘Worthy the Lamb!’

2. Every tongue and tribe and nation-
worthy the Lamb!-
join to sing the great salvation:
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
Loud as mighty thunders roaring,
floods of mighty waters pouring,
worship, at his feet adoring:
‘Worthy the Lamb!’

3. Harps and songs for ever sounding:
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
Sin destroyed by grace abounding-
worthy the Lamb!
By his blood he dearly bought us,
when we strayed he came and sought us
and to glory safely brought us;
worthy the Lamb!

4. Sing with glad anticipation
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
through the vale of tribulation,
‘Worthy the Lamb!’
Sweetest music, all-excelling,
on his love for ever dwelling,
still untold, though ever telling:
‘Worthy the Lamb!’

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