In resurrection bodies

In resurrection bodies
like Jesus’ very own,
we’ll rise to meet our Saviour
in joy around his throne:
we’ll marvel at the mercy
that bids poor sinners come,
be welcomed at his table,
and share his heavenly home!

2. O, joy of resurrection,
all sin and sorrow past,
to see the face of Jesus,
to be like him at last!
Made perfect in his image,
complete in Christ the Son,
in resurrection glory
we’ll share the life he won.

3. O, resurrection body,
set free from pain and death,
sin’s curse for ever vanquished
by Christ’s victorious breath!
Lord, teach us in our trials
your hidden ways to trace,
to walk by faith, discerning
your mysteries of grace!

4. O, resurrection body,
young, radiant, vibrant, free,
with powers unthought, undreamed of-
how rich your joys shall be!
Through endless years to marvel,
design, create, explore,
in resurrection wonder
to worship, serve, adore!

5. With holy joy, Lord Jesus,
we sing the life you give,
the hope you hold before us-
the strength by which we live!
Lead on in sovereign mercy
through all life’s troubled ways,
till resurrection bodies
bring resurrection praise!

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