For ever with the Lord

‘For ever with the Lord!’
Amen, so let it be!
Life from the dead is in that word,
and immortality.
In longing discontent,
absent from him I roam,
yet nightly pitch my moving tent
a day’s march nearer home.

2. My Father’s house on high,
home of my soul, how near
at times to faith’s foreseeing eye
those golden gates appear!
O how my spirit faints
to reach the land I love,
the bright inheritance of saints,
Jerusalem above.

3. All that I am, have been,
all that I yet may be,
he sees at once, as he has seen,
and shall for ever see.
How can I meet his eyes?
Mine on the cross I cast
and count my life the Saviour’s prize,
mercy from first to last.

4. ‘For ever with the Lord!’
Father, this is your will:
the promise of that faithful word
on earth to me fulfil.
Be now at my right hand,
then can I never fail;
uphold me, and I firm shall stand;
fight, and I must prevail.

5. So when my final breath
shall set me free from pain,
by death I shall escape from death
and life eternal gain.
That resurrection word,
that shout of victory,
once more: ‘For ever with the Lord!’
Amen, so let it be!

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