Christ has prepared for us a place

Christ has prepared for us a place
of joy as yet unseen, unheard,
of glory promised by his grace
to all who take him at his word:

2. A place where no disease is found,
no sin, no sickness, no despair;
where light and life and love abound,
for Love himself is dwelling there:

3. A place where through eternity
the sounds of praise bring sweet delight;
where every voice in harmony
combines in worship day and night:

4. A place where splendour meets the eye-
a flowing river, fruitful trees,
the holy city towering high,
and yet more glorious sights than these:

5. A place where we shall see at last
the Lamb of God upon his throne;
his wounds are healed, his pain is past,
his people free, his victory won!

6. Lord, stir our hope, and give us grace
that day when all things are made new,
to find the wonder of that place,
to see and know and worship you.

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