Earth’s celebration of God’s ways

Earth’s celebration of God’s ways
is heard at best imperfectly;
but all our major, minor praise
on high or ordinary days
still echoes heaven’s harmony.

2. When wounds are fresh or scars remain
our songs emerge reluctantly;
yet saints who face extremes of pain,
the knife, the gun, the fire, the chain,
praise their dear Lord most joyously.

3. When grief has made our spirits numb
the trusting heart sings silently;
when melodies are rendered dumb
faith still perceives God’s kingdom come
by love’s unconquered victory.

4. Then finding gain in bitter loss,
each hour, each anniversary,
we have a Friend who sings with us,
and psalms still treasured at his cross
shall rise with Easter energy.

5. And comes that day that rights all wrongs,
the new creation’s infancy,
then perfect praise unites all tongues
in words and music, hymns and songs
from one redeemed community.

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