Away with our sorrow and fear

Away with our sorrow and fear!
We soon shall recover our home,
the city of saints shall appear,
the day of eternity come.
From earth we shall quickly remove,
and mount to our native abode,
the house of our Father above,
the palace of angels and God.

2. Our mourning is come to its end,
when, raised by the life-giving word,
we see the new city descend,
adorned as a bride for her Lord;
the city so holy and clean,
no sorrow can breathe in the air;
no gloom of affliction or sin,
no shadow of evil is there.

3. By faith we already behold
that lovely Jerusalem here;
her walls are of jasper and gold,
her buildings as crystal are clear.
Immovably founded in grace,
she stands as she ever has stood,
her builder she brightly displays,
and flames with the glory of God.

4. No need of the sun in that day,
which never is followed by night,
the splendours of Jesus display
a pure and a permanent light:
the Lamb is their light and their sun,
and with his reflection they shine,
with Jesus inseparably one,
and bright in his radiance divine.

5. The saints in his presence receive
their great and eternal reward;
in Jesus, in heaven they live,
they reign in the smile of their Lord:
the flame of the holiest love
is kindled on seeing his face;
this all their enjoyment above:
on Jesus’s beauty to gaze.

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