The Spirit brings to us the scent of heaven

The spirit brings to us
the scent of heaven,
unending worship
where God dwells in love.
From there the Spirit shares
a vision that upholds us;
Christ our King
enthroned above.

2 The Spirit shows to us
the heart of heaven;
reveals God’s grace and mercy
on the cross.
There is the balm that calms
the storm of all our madness;
rescues, heals,
from utter loss.

3 So when we close our hearts
to worldly clamour;
when awesome silence
brings us thoughts of God,
help us to turn from self
and all that is unworthy,
enter on
the path he trod.

4 Called into lonely darkness,
God is guiding.
Though silent, never absent
through our night.
We drink the cup he gives,
and through the mystery finding
in deep darkness
clearest light.

5 Spirit of God, bring us
your scent of heaven;
help us to worship
our great God of love,
kneel and adore the one
who gave his life to save us:
Christ our King
enthroned above.

6 Spirit of God
who dwells so deep within us:
power of creation
and the healing hands,
power of the resurrection,
power of love unending,
power of God –
sweep through our land.

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