The Gospel

Number Hymn Name Author
663O walk with Jesus! You will knowE Paxton Hood 1820-85
664Have you heard the voice of JesusW Vernon Higham
665Christ brings the kingdom where barrenness bloomsMartin E Leckebusch
666Come, you souls by sin afflictedJoseph Swain 1761-96
667Above the clash of creedsGraham Kendrick
668Christ is all the world’s good newsChristopher Idle
669Listen! Wisdom cries aloudChristopher Idle
670O precious words that Jesus saidFrances J Van Alstyne…
671Sovereign grace and love aboundingJohn Kent 1766-1843
672The kingdom of GodBryn A Rees 1911-83
673The Lord God appointedBarbara Woollett
674The trumpets sound, the angels singGraham Kendrick
675There’s a way back to GodE H Swinstead
676To God be the glory! Great things he has doneFrances J Van Alstyne…
677Today your mercy calls usOswald Allen 1816-78
678You are the way: From sin and deathGeorge W Doane 1799-1859
679Lord Jesus, think on meSynesius of Cyrene c.375-430
680Heal us, Immanuel, hear our prayerWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
681Jesus, Lamb of GodBrian Mayhew
682Jesus, Lover of my soulCharles Wesley 1707-88
683Tell me the old, old storyArabella C Hankey 1834-1911
684Cleanse me from my sin, LordR Hudson Pope 1879-1967
685Born of Adam, torn from EdenHilary Jolly
686All of us in sin were dyingAndrew King
687Assist me here, my God and KingSamuel Medley 1738-99
688Born by the Holy Spirit’s breathTimothy Dudley Smith
689Good news is here: Let lameness turn to leapingStephen Orchard
690Lord, I was blind; I could not seeWilliam T Matson 1833-99
691My Lord, I did not choose youJosiah Conder 1789-1855
692Not all the outward forms on earthIsaac Watts 1674-1748
693Eternal Light, shine in my heartChristopher Idle after Alcuin…
694One thing I knowMichael Perry 1942-96
695Thank you Jesus, thank you JesusAnon.
696What Adam’s disobedience costFred Pratt Green
697Above the voices of the world around meTimothy Dudley-Smith
698I am trusting you, Lord JesusFrances R Havergal 1836-79
699Beneath the cross of JesusElizabeth C Clephane 1830-69
700For God so loved the worldGraham Kendrick
701Not what these hands have doneHoratius Bonar 1808-89
702In Eden-sad indeed that day-William Williams 1717-91
703Jesus, I will trust youMary J Walker 1816-78
704Just as I am, without one pleaCharlotte Elliott 1789-1871
705Rock of Ages, cleft for meAugustus M Toplady 1740-78
706The Gospel of your graceArthur T Pierson 1837-1911
707We praise the God in whom we trustRichard Simpkin
708O my Saviour, liftedWilliam W How 1823-97
709What offering shall we giveVerse 1 Hymns for…
710Your work, not mine, O ChristHoratius Bonar 1808-89 ALT
1020God gives a new beginningTimothy Dudley-Smith
1024Almighty God we come to make confessionChristopher Ellis
1037The Spirit brings to us the scent of heavenStanley Ablewhite
1044Two sins have we committedSam Chaplin
1059How long, O Lord, will you forgetEmma Turl
1063Out on the hillsEmma Turl
1069Have mercy, O my GodEmma Turl
1082When the waters cover meMichael Perry
1095To you, my God, all praise is dueStephen Crowter
1099O God of our humanityGraham Oakes
1122We, we are God’s peoplePhilip Percival
1185He came to earthJohn Pantry
1237Trees along the riverChristopher Idle
1268Your love is greater than the highest heights of heavenColin Webster
1279From the squalor of a borrowed stableStuart Townend
1300Though the nations rageJonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,…
1304Out of the depths I cry to youJordan Kauflin, Keith Getty,…
1307I once was lost in darkest nightJordan Kauflin