Assist me here, my God and King

Assist me here, my God and king,
your everlasting love to sing,
and gladly spread your praise abroad
as one, through grace, who’s born of God.

2. It was not by the will of man
my soul its heavenly life began,
nor by the will of flesh and blood
my heart was turned from sin to God.

3. Let self be humbled to the ground
and sovereign love alone be crowned;
my song be this along the road,
that born I am, and born of God.

4. O may this love constrain my soul
to make a life of love my goal,
that I, while earth is my abode,
may live like one who’s born of God.

5. And when the appointed hour shall come
for you at last to call me home,
with joy I’ll cross the chilling flood
and die as one who’s born of God.

6. Then shall my soul triumphant rise
to perfect joy beyond the skies,
and in that glorious, bright abode
sing then as one who’s born of God.


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