Out on the hills

Out on the hills where shepherds keep
watch through the night while others sleep,
suddenly all the world is bright,
heaven is filled with glorious light.
Angels of God are calling them:
‘Hurry, and come to Bethlehem,
born is your Saviour—worship him:
Jesus the Lord!’

2. From distant lands wise men look up,
see in the skies a star of hope.
Herod can’t foil the plans they make—
God will protect the path they take.
Follow the star to Bethlehem,
kneel and adore the child with them,
offer yourself, your life to him:
Jesus your Lord!

3. In the dark valley where I stay
vainly I search for peace today.
Have I no light, no star to shine,
can I not call this Saviour mine?
Shine in my heart, O Spirit, then,
showing me Christ, who for my sin
went to the cross from Bethlehem:
Jesus my Lord!

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