Good news is here: Let lameness turn to leaping

Good news is here: let lameness turn to leaping,
blind eyes will see and all the deaf will hear;
prisoners will leave their cells and laugh with freedom,
the hungry eat their fill, now God is near,
Jesus speaks the word;
let it now be heard;
God’s recreating power and love is here.

2. Good news is here: but who is there to tell it?
Who will convince the world that it is true?
Where are the lives transformed by God’s new purpose,
the living signs of what Christ’s love can do?
We, as yeast and light,
share both life and sight;
the world must see in us how Christ makes new.

3. Good news is here, if we can but believe it,
live by the hope that answers all our fears,
no power of arms, disease, pain, loss or evil
defies the God who wipes away our tears.
We who live by faith,
in the face of death,
reveal his hidden kingdom through the years.

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