Lord, I was blind; I could not see

Lord, I was blind; I could not see
in your marred visage any grace:
but now the beauty of your face
in radiant vision dawns on me.

2. Lord, I was deaf; I could not hear
the thrilling music of your voice:
but now I hear you and rejoice,
and all your spoken words are clear.

3. Lord, I was dumb; I could not speak
the grace and glory of your name:
but now as touched with living flame
my lips will speak for Jesus’ sake.

4. Lord, I was dead; I could not move
my lifeless soul from sin’s dark grave:
but now the power of life you gave
has raised me up to know your love.

5. Lord, you have made the blind to see,
the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak,
the dead to live-and now I break
the chains of my captivity!

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