Trees along the river

Trees along the river,
sunshine on our way;
wind across the hilltop,
sea and sand and spray:
rain for thirsty pastures,
scenes of green and blue,
every brilliant rainbow
shows us something new.

2. Streams that bless our cities
bring us countless joys;
trees give shade and beauty
under changing skies:
neighbours bear God’s image,
none beyond his care;
earth is filled with glory
shining everywhere.

3. To the river Jordan
Jesus came for us,
but a fiercer torrent
met him at the cross;
on that tree he suffered
as the Scriptures said,
all the waves of judgement
pouring on his head.

4. Hidden needs or open
found in every place—
some will cry for mercy,
all in need of grace:
bring, Lord, that refreshing
which you love to give,
lead us to that river
where we drink, and live!

5. God among your people,
Christ who knows us all,
Spirit of renewal,
make us hear your call!
God of towns and nations,
river, wind and wave,
challenge, choose and change us,
show your power to save!

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