Come, you souls by sin afflicted

Come, you souls by sin afflicted,
fruitless sorrow bows you down;
by the broken law convicted,
through the cross behold the crown;
look to Jesus;
look to Jesus;
look to Jesus;
mercy flows through him alone,
mercy flows through him alone.

2. Blessed are those whose eyes now see him,
blessed the ears that hear his voice;
blessed are all the souls that trust him,
and in him alone rejoice;
his commandments,
his commandments,
his commandments
then become their happy choice,
then become their happy choice.

3. Take his easy yoke and wear it;
love will make obedience sweet;
Christ will give you strength to bear it,
while his wisdom guides your feet
safe to glory,
safe to glory,
safe to glory,
where his ransomed captives meet,
where his ransomed captives meet.

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