Listen! Wisdom cries aloud

Listen! wisdom cries aloud
making truth and justice heard,
calling to the careless crowd
with the strong insistent word:
‘Turn from foolishness and lies:
come, and I will make you wise!’

2. Not the finest diadems
crowning earth’s most powerful kings,
not the purest gold or gems
match the wealth that wisdom brings;
those who rule by wisdom’s law
wisdom’s riches shall explore.

3. When the heavens lay dark and cold,
while the universe was young,
wisdom saw God’s plans unfold
where no angel yet had sung;
but one night in Bethlehem
angels told the world his name.

4. Christ, before all time began
working at his Father’s side,
Word of truth, becoming man,
Christ, our wisdom crucified;
wisdom for our scene of shame,
powerful from the dead he came.

5. Wisdom still the angels’ theme:
all that lives, take up the sound!
Wisdom, King of kings supreme,
reigning, glorified and crowned:
Christ our prize and great reward,
Christ our wisdom, Christ our Lord!

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