All of us in sin were dying

All of us in sin were dying,
all in Adam had a share;
all our dreams and tears and trying
only deepened our despair:
in this hopeless situation,
how impossible our case!
All stood under condemnation-
none could help or take our place.

2. Swift through sin’s remorseless stages,
on our way to hell we passed;
till the Lord, the Rock of ages,
found us, caught us, held us fast,
showing love beyond all measure
in his promise to forgive,
turning from his just displeasure,
making dying sinners live.

3. Jesus left the Father’s presence,
taking human life and breath,
came to serve us wicked servants,
came to save from certain death.
Our redemption he effected
as he died upon a cross,
and his power when resurrected
gave us life in place of loss.

4. How then could we be forgetful
of the Lord who thus forgave?
Yet our hearts are so deceitful-
Lord, give grace to all you save:
let us not return to sinning,
let us serve the One who died,
he who, our salvation winning,
all for love, was crucified.

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