Almighty God we come to make confession

Almighty God, we come to make confession
for we have sinned in thought and word and deed.
We now repent in honesty and sorrow;
forgive us, Lord, and meet us in our need.

2. Forgiving God, I come to make confession
of all the harm and hurt that I have done;
of bitter words and many selfish actions,
forgive me, Lord, and make me like your Son.

3. Forgiving God, I come to make confession
of all that I have failed to do this day;
of help withheld, concern and love restricted,
forgive me, Lord, and lead me in your way.

4 Redeeming God, we come to seek forgiveness,
for Jesus Christ has died to set us free.
Forgive the past and fill us with your Spirit
that we may live to serve you joyfully.

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