Grier, Julia C


Mrs Julia Christine Grier was born in Belfast in 1947. she attended Victoria College Belfast and gained a BA from Queen’s University, Belfast.
Julia has a PGCE from Redland Collage, Bristol University.
She was a primary school teacher in Belfast, Antrim and Waterford and was a learning support teacher in Belfast.

Julia’s main burden is to see children following Jesus, so she has been involved in Christian clubs in schools and churches. She has always been a bit of a poet and has written a number of unpublished children’s songs and psalm versions.

Julia is married to John Grier, former manager of the Evangelical Book Shop, Belfast. They live in Belfast, and are blessed with three children serving the Lord in various parts of the world.

Julia is published by Praise! online at number 1220

Hymns and songs by Grier, Julia C

Number Hymn Name
1220 One day we’ll hear the trumpet sound