Come and listen to the song

Come and listen to the song
pulsing out from heaven’s throne;
angel voices, human tongues
blend in worship of the Son.
There he stands, triumphant Lamb,
with the marks of sacrifice.
He stooped low—the great I AM—
to bring us to paradise.

2. Come and gaze upon the Lamb
standing in the place of power.
He has taken in his hand
sovereign rule of every hour.
There’s no darkness, there’s no god,
that can make his people fail.
He has sealed us with his blood—
we are destined to prevail.

3. Come and see the awful end
of that city, Babylon.
She will not be found again,
nor the beast she sits upon.
All her evil and her pride,
all who love her wicked night,
are now lost beneath the tide
of our Saviour’s wrath and might.

4. Come and hear the Bridegroom’s voice,
come and see his perfect bride;
she is made the Father’s Choice,
to be ever at his side.
Christ has brought his people home;
there is laughter in the air,
there is joy we have not known
all because our God is there.

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