Then I saw a new heaven and earth

Then I saw a new heaven and earth
for the first had passed away,
and the holy city, come down from God,
like a bride on her wedding day.
And I know how he loves his own,
for I heard his great voice tell
they would be his people, and he their God,
and among them he came to dwell.

2. He will wipe away every tear,
even death shall die at last:
there’ll be no more crying or grief or pain;
they belong to the world that’s past.
And the One on the throne said, ‘Look!
I am making all things new’;
He is A and Z; he is First and Last,
and his words are exact and true.

3. So the thirsty can drink their fill
at the fountain giving life:
but the gates are shut on all evil things,
in deceit and decay and strife.
With foundations and walls and towers
like a jewel the city shines,
with its streets of gold and its gates of pearl
in a glory where each combines.

4. And they measured its length and breadth
I could see no temple there,
for its only temple is God the Lord
and the Lamb, in that city fair.
And it needs neither sun nor moon
in a place which knows no night,
for the city’s lamp is the Lamb himself
and the glory of God its light.

5. And I saw by the sacred throne
flowing water, crystal clear,
and the tree of life with its healing leaves
and its fruit growing all the year.
So the worshippers of the Lamb
bear his name, and see his face;
and they reign and serve and for ever live
to the praise of his glorious grace.

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