Lord, from the splendour of heaven you came

Lord, from the splendour of heaven you came,
entered our world in its sin and its shame
and humbly you laid all your glory aside:
born ‘Man of sorrows’, rejected, denied.

2. How can it be that the King from on high
came as a servant, to suffer and die?
The word of the Father before time began:
true Son of God, yet the true Son of Man.

3. Shepherds and sages before you bowed down;
soon you were wearing a thornier crown
and silently, led as a lamb to be slain,
bought our forgiveness and peace, through your pain.

4. “Come and adore him, your maker behold:
God’s own Messiah, as prophets foretold!
Immanuel, our God in the flesh, is now born;
people in darkness, now welcome the dawn!”

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