Come, you sinners, poor and needy

come, behold your Saviour’s face:
full of love and rich in mercy,
hands outstretched with boundless grace.

2 Nothing you have done has earned it,
full atonement, vast and free;
nothing you can do can change it:
rest on Jesus’ victory.

Our hearts are restless
till we find our rest in you;
our lives are hopeless
till we find our hope in you.
Jesus, you are my life;
Jesus, I give my life to you.

3 Come, you weary, heavy laden,
burdened under sin and shame:
there is never condemnation
when you trust in Jesus’ name.

Our hearts are restless…

4 There is no one else to turn to,
he will guide you all your days,
his great love is perfect for you:
trust in Jesus’ saving grace.

Our hearts are restless…

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